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In January 18th, 2023’s “Wizards” episode of The Rate is Right, they introduced a Tesla Version Y and also a 220v adapter as a display reward, along with a digital recreation room.

In order for an entrant to win the display reward on The Rate is Right, they should bid as near the real market price as feasible without discussing. If their quote is better to the market price than the various other participant’s quote, they win.

The participant, called David, placed in a proposal of $77,000 for the Version Y and also video gaming chairs. The rate was available in at $78,500, so David won!

The Version Y David won is a white Lengthy Array version with 331 miles of array and also Improved Auto-pilot, a $6,000 upgrade alternative.

Exactly How does ‘The Rate is Right’ get their rewards?

Tesla invests no cash on marketing or commercials. This gets on function and also has actually functioned well in Tesla’s support due to the fact that they’ve swollen to turning into one of one of the most in-demand, decent, and also beneficial auto firms worldwide. Tesla’s items represent themselves… actually.

According to Chris Johnson, a previous internal revenue service attorney, on Quora, The Rate is Right doesn’t purchase prizes. Instead, they’re all given to the show by various manufacturers to give away to the contestants. “At the end of the day, giving away these prizes is essentially glorified advertising,” Johnson writes on Quora. “Did you notice how each and every prize is described in intimate detail? The companies giving the prizes to the show hope that the millions of people watching [will] like what they see, and go out and buy the very same items themselves. If a company ends up selling just one of the same items that was featured on the show, they recoup most of what they gave away.”

The Price is Right has been giving away cars and high-expense products for many years. The most expensive prize was, according to CBS, an Audi R8 V8 Spyder Quattro S Tronic.

Not the first or second Tesla on ‘The Price is Right’

This Tesla Model Y is the third Tesla that has appeared on the popular game show. On April 22nd, 2010, The Price is Right gave away a first-generation Tesla Roadster. Drew Carey, the show’s host, said that it was worth more than $112,000. Adjusted for inflation, that’s roughly $152,500 today, which is about the price of a spec’d out Plaid Model X.

Carey also mentioned that he has a friend that has a Tesla Roadster, and it drives like a slot car. “It’s fantastic!” he said with a smile.

At the time of that airing, Tesla had just started mass-producing the Roadster. It was based on the chassis for the Lotus Elise and was the first highway-legal serial production all-electric car to use lithium-ion battery cells, according to CleanTechnica.

In May 2019, a contestant won a black Tesla Model 3. Before unveiling the vehicle, Carey asked Gregory, the contestant, if he was going to share his winnings with his friend Michael. “We’re splitting everything,” Gregory responds. “Ah, man, I don’t know,” Carey answers with a laugh.

Watch the full “Geniuses” episode of The Price is Right on CBS.

By Nuno Cristovao

Tesla will automate the temperature of the steering wheel in an upcoming update

We’re a few weeks out from Tesla’s last major update, the 2022 holiday update which brought many new features and improvements such as myQ garage door support, Apple Music, Auto Turn Signals, Zoom and much more.

However, Tesla does not stand still for long, Tesla is now preparing its first post-holiday update. We’ll take a look at one of the features expected to be included in this upcoming update.

Automated Seat Heaters

The 2021 holiday update brought us custom light shows, a customizable launcher and automated seat heaters.

Seat heaters can now be set to Auto, which will let the vehicle control their temperature automatically based on the cabin’s interior temperature and the temperature the climate system is set to.

The car will then automatically choose the heat level of the seat, selecting from low, medium or high.

The car is also smart enough to not turn on a seat heater if there is no one in the seat.

Automated seat heaters are only for the front seats of the vehicle and users can override the system at any time. The options for heated seats range from off, low, medium, high to auto.

Automated Steering Wheel Heater

Tesla is now taking everything it has learned from its automation of its temperature-controlled seats and it’s applying it to the vehicle’s heated steering wheel.

Tesla begin shipping Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with heated steering wheels since early 2021 in China and late 2021. However, Model S and Model X vehicles have had heated steering wheels for several years. Whether your vehicle includes a heated steering wheel will vary depending on when and where it was manufactured.

The heated steering wheel can currently be turned on manually by navigating to the climate control screen of the vehicle, through the Tesla app, or by adding it to the launcher at the bottom of the screen.

If your vehicle is equipped with a heated steering wheel, you’ll soon be able to set it to ‘Auto’ and let the vehicle control the desired heat of the wheel in pretty much the same way the vehicle controls heated seats, by taking the vehicle current cabin temperature and the temperature your climate system is set to.

Tesla is Adding Multiple Heat Levels

Although it makes a lot of sense for Tesla to automate the heating of the steering wheel as they do for seat heaters, there’s more to this upcoming feature than just automation.

Tesla’s heated steering wheel has thus far only had a single temperature setting, however, with this new feature, Tesla is also adding two temperature options to the heated steering wheel.

When setting the temperature of your heated steering wheel, you’ll now be able to choose from Off, Low, High or Auto settings, instead of just the previously available ‘Off’ or ‘On’ options.

You’ll of course continue to have full control of the heated steering wheel if you prefer, but many owners end up finding that the Auto setting works quite well and find themselves enjoying the comfort of the heated seats without having to even think about it.

Which Vehicles Will Be Supported

At this time we don’t know which vehicles this feature is coming to yet, but we expect Tesla to add it to at least all newer models.

This feature is anticipated to be in the first update of 2023, which is expected to be released later this month and have a version of 2023.4.

By Kevin Armstrong

Tesla continuously get 5-star crash test results

Tesla’s Model Y is on track to be the best-selling passenger vehicle in the world, but it can’t come soon enough for the company’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen. The 54-year-old father of two wouldn’t put his family in anything other than a Tesla for several reasons, but one stands higher than the rest — safety.

Tesla has a lot of selling points, zero emissions, cutting-edge technology, incredible performance, and fantastic style, but von Holzhausen thinks its most significant selling point should be safety. “(Teslas are) far safer than any other car out on the road. I have a family with kids, and I shudder to think of putting my kids in any other car because it’s less safe.”

The designer of the Model Y, as well as the Model S, X and 3, said on the Ride the Lightning podcast, “if you want to do the right thing for your family and have the lowest probability of injury, then you have to put them in a Tesla.”

Teslas Are Upto 10 Times Safer

Driving a Tesla on Autopilot is ten times safer than the average vehicle. Even without Autopilot engaged, Teslas are 2.5 times safer than the average vehicle. Also, Tesla has received several safety accolades and five-star crash reports. The company also improved the function of the seatbelt and is adding a better hazard light system.

Like many of us, von Holzhausen saw the astonishing images of the horrific crash in northern California over the holidays. A Model Y plunged 250 feet off a cliff, rolling to a rocky beach. Fire responders called it a miracle when all four occupants survived. In fact, the children were unharmed, and two adults were treated for minor injuries. It was later determined the driver intended to crash the vehicle and was charged with attempted murder. “Even when somebody wasn’t looking out for their family, Tesla was,” said von Holzhausen.

Examples of Tesla’s Safety

Rhys Samson shared his story on Twitter of his family walking away from this crash

That crash got a lot of coverage, but it caused many Tesla owners to share grim pictures of crashed Teslas, but the occupants survived. Twitter user, @cybrtrkguy posted several crash images, @TeslaShawn responded with a picture of his mangled Model X and posted: I survived head on drunk driver. While @samsonusmc shared a picture of a Model 3 that was t-boned, he posted: This is why I own @Tesla. My family walked away with just scratches from this.

Elon Musk has repeatedly stated that he believes full self-driving, autonomous vehicles will save countless individuals from injury and also death on our roadways. He’s right, but Tesla is already saving lives, and also the company is still improving and also producing better and also safer cars.  

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