It was an active weekend break for location swim groups.

Bellefontaine as well as Benjamin Logan swam in a two-day invitational over the weekend break. The complete satisfy is the biggest senior high school swim satisfy in the nation with occasions held at 11 initial websites in which the 16 fastest prelim swims contend at a mixed finals satisfy in Cincinnati.

On Saturday, the Woman Chiefs did not have any kind of finalists however saw some solid efficiencies.

Ending Up in the Leading 8 was:

200 Free Relay – fifth – Joslyn Robinson, Elaina Ullom, Olivia Ullom, Morgan Henry

400 Assortment Relay – sixth – Joslyn Robinson, Elaina Ullom, Morgan Henry, Olivia Ullom

Morgan Henry – third 50 Free, fourth 100 Fly

Olivia Ullom – fourth 200 Free, 7th 100 Back

Joslyn Robinson – 8th 100 IM

Kate Myers – 7th 200 Free

Elaina Ullom – 7th 50 Bust

Bellefontaine ladies that saw times declines:

Jai Abhyankar – 50 Bust (-1.19)

Maria Casanas – 50 Bust (-3.28)

Emma Costin – 100 Fly (-2.67)

Claire McDaniel – 50 Bust (-1.02)

Kate Myers – 200 Free (-4.29)

Joslyn Robinson – 100 IM (-2.37)

Olivia Ullom – 100 Back (-9.60)

“I value our swimmers’ desire to attempt brand-new occasions as well as constantly offer their finest,” claimed head instructor Sharon Lewis. “We saw several finest times today which reveals we get on the appropriate track.”

On Sunday, the Woman Chieftains had a number of leading 8 coatings as well as several individual finest times.

Leading 8 Coatings:

200 Assortment Relay – sixth – Olivia Ullom, Joslyn Robinson, Kate Myers, Morgan Henry

400 Free Relay – third – Olivia Ullom, Elaina Ullom, Joslyn Robinson, Morgan Henry

Morgan Henry – fifth 100 Free, third 50 Fly

Olivia Ullom – sixth 100 Bust

Extra Finest Times:

Jai Abhyankar – 50 Back (-2.16)

Alexis Buffkin – 100 Free (-1.84), 50 Back (-0.39)

Ashton Carey – 200 IM (-11)

Maria Casanas – 100 Free (-6.06)

Madison Christman – 100 Free (-4.78)

Emma Costin – 200 IM (-12.65), 50 Back (-2.98)

Julia Easton – 100 Free (-12.38), 50 Back (-5.43)

Kaidi Freeman – 50 Fly (-1.57),50 Back (-1.67)

Claire Grandstaff – 50 Back (-2.96)

Lilly Hudson – 100 Free (-1.32)

Claire McDaniel – 50 Back (-4.86)

Kate Myers – 100 Free (-3.09)

Gillian Steele – 50 Back (-0.32)

Maddie Ullom – 50 Back (-1.54)

“Our ladies had some large declines today (Sunday) led by juniors Ashton Carey (-11), Emma Costin (-15.63), as well as Julia Easton (-17.81),” claimed Train Lewis. “In addition, we have actually been having fun with our relay line-ups as well as have actually remained to see the ladies tip up as well as go down time in the relays. With such a huge ladies group it is in some cases hard to obtain swimmers right into each occasion we wish to see them swim – satisfies such as this one with open access offer us a chance to see even more of those races.”

For the Bellefontaine children on Saturday:

400 Assortment Relay – fifth – John Fulmer, Aidan Mifsud, Elias Abrego, Blake McDonald

200 Free Relay – fourth – Aidan Mifsud, Elias Abrego, John Fulmer, Blake McDonald

Elias Abrego – fifth 50 Free (PUBLIC RELATIONS -0.73), fifth 100 Fly

Ryan Alexander – 7th 200 Free (PUBLIC RELATIONS -0.38), 21st 50 Free (PUBLIC RELATIONS -0.40)

Nolan Core – 7th 50 Free (PUBLIC RELATIONS -0.25), 8th 100 Fly

John Fulmer – 7th 50 Free, 7th 100 Back

Cooper Harman – 8th 200 Free, 16th 50 Free

Beckham Harman – 14th 100 Back (PUBLIC RELATIONS -1.31)

Jaylen Henry – 35th 50 Free, 15th 100 Back (PUBLIC RELATIONS -7.83)

Cody Hudson – 32nd 50 Free, fourth 50 Bust (PUBLIC RELATIONS -2.01)

Blake McDonald – fifth 200 Free, sixth 100 Back

Aidan Mifsud – sixth 200 Free (-5.75), 100 Fly (-4.78)

Blaine Mitchell – 43rd 50 Free (PUBLIC RELATIONS -0.27), 14th 50 Bust (PUBLIC RELATIONS -1.86)

“The children had some good time goes down today (Saturday),” claimed Head Train Sharon Lewis. “Elderly Aidan Mifsud handled 2 occasions he hasn’t swum this period as well as his time renovations reveal simply just how much more powerful he is this year. New swimmers Jaylen Henry as well as Blaine Mitchell likewise located success with large decrease in their occasions. Our children sign in after every race, open up to comments as well as following actions, as well as it is repaying. The group contends once again tomorrow on day 2 of the SW Standard.”

On Sunday for the Chieftain children:

200 Assortment Relay – fourth – Blake McDonald, Aidan Mifsud, Elias Abrego, John Fulmer

200 Assortment Relay B – 8th – Nolan Core, Cody Hudson, Cooper Harman, Beckham Harman

400 Free Relay – fourth – Aidan Mifsud, John Fulmer, Elias Abrego, Blake McDonald

400 Free Relay B – 8th – Cooper Harman, Beckham Harman, Nolan Core, Ryan Alexander

Elias Abrego – sixth 200 IM, fifth 100 Bust (PUBLIC RELATIONS -2.44)

Nolan Core – third 50 Fly

John Fulmer – third 50 Back (PUBLIC RELATIONS -0.10)

Cooper Harman – 8th 200 IM (-5.65)

Blake McDonald – 7th 100 Free, second 50 Back

Aidan Mifsud – fifth 200 IM (-0.33), fourth 100 Bust

Extra Finest Times:

Ryan Alexander – 100 Free (-4.36), 50 Back (-0.31)

Devin George – 100 Free (-8.49)

Cooper Harman – 100 Bust (-6.95), 100 Free (-2.57)

Blaine Mitchell – 100 Free (-9.25)

Jaylen Henry – 100 Free (-1.69), 50 Back (-1.89)

Cody Hudson – 200 IM (-3.09)

“Our children made a solid press over this two-day satisfy. We had the ability to attempt swimmers in a great deal of various occasions as well as remain to discover equilibrium throughout the board,” claimed Train Lewis. “I take pride in their proceeded drive to boost. Cooper Harman led the group renovations today striking individual bests in each of his occasions going down a mixed 15 secs throughout the day. The group following contends on Tuesday, 1/17 in their last house satisfy of the period.”

The Benjamin Logan swim group likewise completed in the Southwest Standard. The Raiders didn’t progress any kind of finalists however swam to lots of Public relations.

For the Woman Raiders on the first day:

Winnie Bodin – 13th 100 IM

Allison Moore – 14th 200 Free, 9th 100 Fly

Annika Chappell – 26th 50 Free, 13th 100 Back

Freedom Hays – 30th 50 Free, 18th 100 Back

Brooklyn Horner – 40th 50 Free, 21st 100 Back

Carolina Habacher – 79th 50 Free, 17th 50 Bust

Kelly Forsythe – 27th 200 Free, 30th 100 Back

Nora Kopus – 66th 50 cost-free

Rylie Anderson – 80th 50 cost-free

400 Assortment Relay (11th) – Brooklyn Horner, Annika Chappell, Allison Moore, Freedom Hays

200 Free Relay (12th) – Allison Moore, Annika Chappell, Freedom Hays, Winnie Bodin

200 Free Relay (26th) – Brooklyn Horner, Rylee Anderson, Nora Kopus, Kelley Forsythe

The Raider children:

Luke McKenrick – fourth 200 Free, 7th 100 Back

Robert Leezer – 9th 50 Free, fifth 200 Bust

Liam Sweeney – 25th 50 Free, 10th 100 Fly

Utah Coleman – 9th 200 Free, 28th 50 Free

Jerrik Stephens – 15th 200 Free, 31st 50 Free

Landon Braddock – 18th 200 Free, 18th 100 Back

Taavo Simovart – 23rd 200 Free, 19th 50 Bust

Carter Daniels – 41st 50 Free, 14th 100 IM

Finch Sharpen – 47th 50 Free, 15th 50 Bust

Dylan Vance – 53rd 50 cost-free

400 Assortment Relay (fifth) – Luke McKenrick, Robert Leezer, Liam Sweeney, Utah Coleman

400 Assortment Relay (11th) – Landon Braddock, Taavo Simovart, Jerrik Stephens, Carter Daniels

200 Free Relay (sixth) – Robert Leezer, Utah Coleman, Liam Sweeney, Luke McKenrick

200 Free Relay (14th) – Carter Daniels, Dylan Vance, Finch Hone, Landon Braddock

For Benjamin Logan on day 2:

Leading 10 Finishers for the ladies:

200 Assortment Relay (9th) Annika Chappell, Winnie Bodin, Allison Moore, Freedom Hays

Freedom Hays – 50 Back (10th)

Leading 10 Finishers for the children:

200 Assortment Relay (sixth) Luke McKenrick, Robert Leezer, Liam Sweeney, Utah Coleman

Robert Leezer – 100 Bust (sixth)

Luke McKenrick – 100 Free (7th), 200 Back (sixth)

Landon Braddock – 200 IM (10th)

400 Free Relay (8th) Luke McKenrick, Landon Braddock, Liam Sweeney, Robert Leezer

Unique reference to Carter Daniels for going down a mixed 11.64 secs in the 100 Free as well as 100 Bust, Finch Sharpen for going down a mixed 15.07 secs in the 100 Free as well as 50 Fly, as well as Dylan Vance for going down 4.41 secs in the 50 Back.

Annika Chappell as well as Brooklyn Horner each went down time in the 100 Free (3.49 as well as 4.06 specifically) for the ladies.

Benjamin Logan will certainly commemorate elderly evening Tuesday at the Hilliker YMCA when they contend versus Bellefontaine as well as Indian Lake.

You can buy your tickets below.

Both the Indian Lake university children as well as ladies swim groups took top place Saturday in a satisfy kept in New Carlisle.

First-place finishers for the Woman Lakers:

200 Backyard Assortment Relay group of Elegance Pequignot, Paige Mefford, Lily Jenkins, as well as Annie Braig

Paige Mefford in the 200-yard freestyle as well as 100-yard freestyle

Ashlynn Biederman in the 50-yard freestyle

Lily Jenkins in the 100-yard butterfly

200 Backyard Freestyle Relay group of Lily Jenkins, KaiLea Miller, Ashlynn Biederman, as well as Annie Braig

400 Backyard Freestyle Relay group of Elegance Pequignot, Paige Mefford, Lily Jenkins, as well as Annie Braig

First-place finishers for the Laker children:

200 Backyard Assortment Relay group of Chris Gilligan, Mason Beres, Brant Parsell, as well as Give McPherson

Give McPherson in the 50-yard freestyle

Brant Parsell in the 100-yard freestyle as well as 100-yard breaststroke

Chris Gilligan in the 100-yard backstroke

400 Backyard Freestyle Relay group of Give McPherson, Mason Beres, Chris Gilligan, as well as Brant Parsell.

Group Champ swimmers completed in a satisfy at the Champaign Household YMCA in Urbana Friday versus Marysville, Jonathan Alter, Urbana, Fairbanks, as well as Columbus Hamilton Area.

The West Liberty-Salem ladies were fourth, Graham positioned 5th, as well as Mechanicsburg took 7th.

In the ladies’ competitors, the finishers were as adhered to:


200 Assortment Relay – Jordan Monaghan, Elegance Smith, Nora Uhl, as well as Eliza Blosser – (3:00.05) sixth

200 Freestyle – Tiffany Carter (2:59.88) 8th

50 Freestyle – Hannah Volp (34.37) 13th, Nora Uhl (35.04) 15th, Elegance Smith (38.11) 17th, as well as Eliza Blosser (47.57) 21st

100 Freestyle – Jordan Monaghan (1:18.87) 10th, Hannah Volp (1:19.03) 11th, as well as Tiffany Carter (1:21.86) 12th

500 Freestyle – Nora Uhl (8:49.54) third

200 Freestyle Relay – Jordan Monaghan, Tiffany Carter, Nora Uhl, as well as Hannah Volp (2:24.83) 7th

100 Backstroke – Jordan Monaghan (1:31.50) 11th as well as Eliza Blosser (2:08.92) 14th

100 Breaststroke – Elegance Smith (1:38.02) 8th


50 Freestyle – Alekah Daniels (26.51) 1st, Kendall Rausch (41.27) 19th, as well as Bailey Stapleton (41.85) 20th

100 Freestyle – Alekah Daniels (59.25) first as well as Bailey Stapleton (1:36.35) 13th

100 Backstroke – Asher Daniels (1:44.33) 10th

100 Breaststroke – Kendall Rausch (1:39.20) 9th

West Liberty-Salem:

200 Assortment Relay of Tina Douthwaite, Lilly Smith, Lydia Schmidt, as well as Laney Craig (2:31.81) 5th

200 Freestyle – Lilly Smith (2:30.21) fourth as well as Laney Craig (3:00.23) 9th

50 Freestyle – Lydia Schmidt (33.39) 10th

100 Freestyle – Tina Douthwaite (1:11.82) first as well as Lydia Schmidt (1:18.85) sixth

500 Freestyle – Laney Craig (8:05.26) second

200 Freestyle Relay – Tina Douthwaite, Lydia Schmidt, Laney Craig, as well as Lily Smith (2:14.09) 5th

100 Breaststroke – Lilly Smith (1:28.32) sixth

For the children, Graham was fifth as well as West Liberty-Salem can be found in sixth.


200 Freestyle – Caleb Owens (2:24.84) fourth as well as Braden Bost (2:33.36) 7th

50 Freestyle – Jack Boggs (24.78) second, Malachi Teets (32.64) 10th, Weston Helman (35.05) 13th, as well as Tyler Shefbuch (38.56) 14th

100 Freestyle – Jack Boggs (56.36) third, Caleb Owens (1:03.83) sixth, Weston Helman (1:23.63) 14th, as well as Tyler Shefbuch (1:26.93) 15th

500 Freestyle – Thomas Neff (6:13.67) first

200 Freestyle Relay – Caleb Owens, Braden Bost, Weston Helman, as well as Tyler Shefbuch (2:08.88) 5th

100 Backstroke – Braden Bost (1:26.97) sixth

West Liberty-Salem:

200 Freestyle – Peyton Hull (3:04.55) 11th

50 Freestyle – Kam Hissong (31.13)8th

100 Freestyle – Kam Hissong (1:19.25) 10th as well as Peyton Hull (1:14.96) 11th

For the consolidated group ratings Graham was fourth, West Liberty-Salem completed sixth, as well as Mechanicsburg took 8th.

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