Healing – the difference between “thank you” and appreciation

Usually, gratitude and appreciation seem to be the same. However, on the active side, this is not the case. We are all energy and every thought, feeling and emotion is an energetic force that is sent out into the ethers. Whether we believe it or not, it is. This is reality. It is a scientific fact. The word and feeling of gratitude has a slightly different vibration than the word and feeling of appreciation.

When you are “grateful” to someone, you can sometimes feel a little “beholden” to them. It creates a sense of “debt”. If we look at the dictionary meaning of the word “owe with gratitude” we find the following: owed (PBUH): under a moral obligation towards someone, when we search the meaning a little we find that this obligation means; obligated to give, offer, or do something for another; bound by a moral duty; In debt; binding. Think of it this way, when you say thank you to someone, somewhere in the back of your mind, you’re already thinking about what you can do to return the favor. It’s like an endless cycle of giving the other person a reason to thank you and thank you.

Appreciation on the other hand has a higher vibration; It actually raises your vibration level. appreciation? Just listen to the word. When you “appreciate” something, its value goes up. Not only does what you “value” go up in value, but so does your value. (speaking vibratingly). Think real estate… a home usually goes up in value if it’s been properly cared for, it appreciates. On the other hand, if the house is not appreciated by the owner and is neglected, the value of the house decreases. When we appreciate someone or something, there is a sense of completion. There is a feeling of

final. We don’t feel the need to refund this person.

When we practice saying these words, by tuning into our inner selves we can feel the different vibrations. Every time you use the word “appreciate” with full understanding of its meaning, you raise your own vibrations and the vibrations of the person, place, thing, or even the deity you value.

As we begin to heal and manifest our destiny, we must be fully aware of our vibrational energy. Dr. Chopra says, “When we become aware of our inner feelings, we are in a space of happiness, peace, and calm.” When we speak we add energy to our words through the feelings and thoughts we are experiencing at that moment in time.

Start to know the difference and use the word appreciation more often, raise your vibration level. Tell your angels and guides that you “appreciate” them. They appreciate it.

You don’t need to feel grateful to Spirit for your blessings. When you reflect on your manifest blessings, you can see yourself as a co-creator, in equal partnership with Knowledge, you need not feel privileged. There is nothing outside yourself greater than you! You have it all in your heart just waiting for you to wake up and be a full partner with every soul.

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