How to escape from family troubles – happiness in difficult times

Many people will say that a dysfunctional family is the root cause of much unhappiness. We have been told that being raised in a broken family means that we will have bad habits and traits that we may then pass on to our children and so forth. Schools are full of unloved children and the divorce rate is very high these days which makes everyone in every age group want to know how to escape from family problems. But what if this glitch was all a good thing? What if an already disjointed upbringing prompted us to discover happiness at a difficult time?

I know it may sound a little crazy to say that a dysfunctional family has a goal of bringing happiness to all children. But let’s look at things from a different point of view for a moment.

God, the Source, the cosmic energy (or how you know God) is perfect energy where there are no faults. It’s not like God created an apple tree and went “Oops! It was supposed to be an orange!” Then I kicked him aside. The tree was on purpose, just like you and I were created.

When we were created, He was perfect and perfect. Everything from the color of our eyes to the amount of hair on our heads and the shape of our nose was determined at that tiny point we were at the beginning. If these details were determined for us in the beginning, then does it make sense that at the same point was also our goal and everything we all need to carry it out including love, wholeness and happiness? Do you think God was going to create us and then forget to give us the love and support we need at that point? I don’t think so, why is it excluded. That would be like planting a seed and then forgetting to water! God – with all this full energy – would never make such a mistake.

This reality teaches us that we gain love, happiness and self-respect from our parents. We have learned to relate to them and demand a good upbringing with security, health, happiness, support and whatever else we ask for. In case you haven’t noticed, this concept doesn’t work.

If we are complete from the start, complete with the love and support we need to make our journey, why do we need to get it from our family?

Learning to find happiness with yourself will naturally show you how to escape family troubles and give you the ability to find happiness in difficult times.

Perhaps the source of all our dysfunction is our constant, habitual desire to have our happiness and support our families when it was never supposed to be there in the first place. Plus, when they don’t have the support to offer, or simply provide it in a way that doesn’t work for us, that creates a problem, right? It creates a lot of family problems and drama.

If you felt 100% complete, supported by love and security from within, would it really matter how or if your family supported you? Mostly not.

This highlights the source of the family’s problems now isn’t it.

If you want to know how to escape family problems, then perhaps the answer is to completely look to your family for the love and support you need and start looking within yourself. True happiness comes from within you. Happiness can be achieved in difficult times by looking within yourself rather than at the things in your outer world.

Dysfunctional families are just a misjudgment of people and families. The positive goal is for these families to teach us to transform within ourselves and acknowledge our personal strength. Once you see your own strength, you will also discover how to give yourself the love and support you want, thus putting an end to the family problems you wish to escape from.

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