How to buy an antique musical instrument

How to buy an antique musical instrument

Musical instrument auctions are back in style.

They’re back again with new and exciting opportunities to win a musical instrument or other valuable collector item.

Check out our roundup of the most popular musical instrument auction sites.


MusicaPlay Music’s auction website MusicaPlayer is offering an 18-piece set of two violins and a viola.

They are available in two sizes: small and large, with a full-size violin in the smaller size, and a violin in large size.

They will set you back $6,500.


The Art of Music offers an 18″ violin and an 18′ viola for $1,750.

You have to pay the full price of the violin and viola, but it is guaranteed to be a work of art.

The set includes two violas, a viol and an acoustic guitar.


Vintage Music has a large, 18″ viola and an eight-string acoustic guitar for $2,750 and $1.75 million, respectively.


The Musical Instrument Auction Company (MICA) is offering the viola in the sizes of $3,500 and $5,000, and the violin in each of the sizes for $4,000.


Ebay is offering 18 violins in two versions: a 12-string and a 12.5-string.

They cost $7,500 for the 12- and $10,000 for the 16-string version.


Ebony and gold has an 18 violin for $6.2 million, while the Viola Collection for Viola has an 8-string violin for about $5.7 million.


The Music Auction Service is offering a pair of 18 violas for $5 million.

They come in sizes ranging from a 12″ to a 16″ and are the highest priced instrument in the world.


Musical Instruments Auction, a music auction website, is offering two viola sets in three sizes.

You can get a 12, 15 and 16″ set for $7.7.

They also offer a 13- and 15″ set, and you have to choose from two options.


The MOST famous violin auction site is the Piano Museum.

The Piano Museum has an amazing collection of over 200,000 violas.

The museum also has a great collection of other fine pieces, including rare violas from the 17th century, rare violins from the 20th century and the rare violin made in 18th century Russia.

They have also a violin from the 18th or 19th century.


The most popular auction site in the US, Ebay, is selling 18 viola violas at a premium price.

It has an extensive selection, including violas made in Italy, France, England and the United States.


Musical Instrument Exchange is offering 14 violas with a special price of $5 billion.


Music-themed auction site Musicaplay offers an enormous collection of violas and violas of all sizes.

They offer a wide selection of violin models, from violas produced in France, Italy, England, Russia and Germany, and more.


Musical instrument auction site Musical Instrument Player offers 18 violes with a premium pricing, including a rare viola from the 16th century for $9.9 million.


The Fine Arts Auction Company is offering 12 violas in three different sizes.

It is offering 16 violas to start, a 16-and-a-half viola with a 6.5″ scale, and an 8.5″, which is a much higher-end violin.

They can also offer an 8″ violin.


The world’s largest auction site for vintage musical instruments is the Sotheby’s International Realty, with an estimated 10,000-plus violas that can fetch between $50,000 and $100,000 each.


The Viola Gallery is offering 17 violas ranging from $3.8 million to $5M.

They start at $2.9M.


The Museo de Artes Artes offers a special set of 18 instruments in each size for $10 million.


The World’s most popular violin auction sites have a lot of high-end pieces available.

The auction sites are all about the highest end.

Check our slideshow below to see some of the best pieces in the market right now.


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